Schedule of Bands

Thursday, Sept 30th

Main Stage:

6:00PM - Abby Dawkins

7:00PM - Shuffle The Cat

8:00PM - Canvas Ruin

9:00PM -

Open Jam ft. Robert Powers

Featured Artist: David Kraai


Friday, Oct 1st

Main Stage:

5:00PM - BN and the Hungarians

6:00PM - The Powers Trio

7:15PM - Whiskey Preachers

8:30PM - Drew Ashworth Band

9:45PM - Bekah Marie Band

11:00PM -

Eva Rose & The Bottom Line

Featured Acoustic Acts:

Ron Bryant, Isaac Streetman & Trevor Steele, Dev Scott.

Saturday, Oct 2nd

Main Stage:

12:00PM - Adam Goodale

1:00PM - The Porch Trio

2:00PM - Thud Ehvul and his Advocates

3:00PM - Martin & Scott

4:00PM - Troy Moore Band

5:00PM - Crews and Company

6:00PM - The Steed Brothers

7:15PM - Thoughts Are Nuclear

8:30PM - Blackjack Mountain

9:45PM - Ugly Smile

11:00PM - David Pippin Group


Featured Acoustic Artists:

Justin Tyme, Joe Yeoman, Port Nacelle, Keenan Hegarty, Evan Crowther, Cory Estes.