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As a Little Big Jam/Spring Fest volunteer, you will get to listen to some great music, make friends, and experience the sense of community that this festival has been building for fourteen years.


Little Big Jam volunteers are required to work their scheduled shifts. If they do not they forfeit their right to t-shirts and free entry. 

Before the event, we will have some designated clean-up days at the festival site.  We will be cleaning up the land, doing maintenance to the stage, and getting ready for the festival.


During the event, we need people to work the gate and parking lot areas. We will need people to assist with trash pick-up and recycling.  We will also need people to help with the generators by checking fuel levels and re-filling them as needed.


After the event, we will need help taking everything down!


For being a Little Big Jam volunteer you will get free admission and a special Little Big Jam volunteer tee-shirt or one (1) LBJ 16 tee shirt.* (As supplies last!)


Little Big Jam volunteers are asked not to wear their LBJ Volunteer tee-shirts when they are not working.  This way, volunteers can enjoy their time off the clock and patrons will know who to talk to if they need assistance.


All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.


If you would like to volunteer and have special skills, such as previous experience with stage work, please let us know!


Volunteer FAQS
Can I work only morning or early afternoon shifts during the festival?


No. Depending on the amount of volunteers and their schedule, you may not be able to pick your shifts. 


Can I bring my dog?


No. We love dogs – but Little Big Jam is not the place for your pooch (or any other pets).  Only registered service animals with official licenses are permitted. This applies to volunteers too.  Please leave your dogs at home when you come to volunteer.


My friend/sweetheart/family member would like to work together. Is this possible?


Of course, please submit your information together and tell us that you would like to work together.


Where can I camp?.


All Little Big Jam volunteers will be allowed to camp in the regular camping areas.  There is no designated camping site for volunteers.


Where can I park?


Little Big Jam volunteers must park in the regular parking areas for the festival.


Still want to volunteer at Little Big Jam? Email us at





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